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How we work for our clients

- Social Media Marketing

Full Social media managements service including the strategy, plans, content, designs and publishing. 

- Research & Strategies

From understanding your audience to precision budgeting, always will go to market with the right strategy.


- Content and campaigns planning

Boost content engagement across channels, from knowing what content your audience love to what content works for your competitors.

- Companies branding Content

Content creator to ensure companies vision and profiles are unique through putting guidelines, persona, and full identity.

- Business development planners

To be updated now a days is the key to accelerate we work closely with our client to ensure their service, programs and products fit the customer and the market needs.

- Measurement and reporting

To step forward and to growth hack we ensure of our steps by proper reports tools.

- Influencers Marketing

Everything you need for influencer marketing success from discovering the right influencer for your business to validating their quality to analyzing their result.

- Google Ads Campaigns

We use data, technology & analysis to develop Game-changing your Googles Ads marketing strategies. We offer Ads solutions for both Global & Local Enterprises.

- SEO Developers

Grow your business fast with quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of your website – web page to user of web search engine.

- Email Marketing

Full email marketing service starting with data collecting, design, coding, publishing and campaign measurement report. 

- Web Developing

Develop and get the specialization for your web developing browser, iPhone, Android and Web applications.

- Artwork

Visuals are the write keys to deliver you message, our content creation department and our designers working closely to ensure.

- Digital Marketing Facilitator

Hack digital house main goal is to develop the digital marketing sector in/out Sudan our instructors are authorized from Google, Kantar and BTS. 

- Digital accounts verification

Your one click away to make your account official.

- Accounts income generators

Become a partner with Hack Digital House and post your content with the right benefit.

- Photoshoot concept and executions.

Our creative team will ensure of your key message profile and all visual content is in your hands.

We have been doing projects since 2008.

Founded in 2021, HDH has rapidly become one of the leading digital agencies in Sudan, and the blue light going forward by deploy to production.


The Biggest Regional Digital Marketing House.


We are committed to Understanding your needs and helping you achieve your goals 


Content industry experts aid everyone who needs to create a distinctive digital identity.